Milbrook Collection, True Colors Showcase

Omega Moulding presents their Milbrook line, a group of eight mouldings with distressed paint finishes in primary and neutral colors. Multiple layers of paint and texture are the collection’s signature appeal, adding color complexity and visual interest to framed artwork. The finish is hand produced in a series of applications; thin layers of paint are built upon stained wood and then abraded to reveal the layers one-by-one. A heavier, more opaque layer is then applied, where it again is distressed to reveal the variegated finish underneath. The overall result is the appearance of vintage painted furnishings, the look of time-worn colors rendered and chipped away upon rustic reclaimed wood.

The collection is a desirable picture framing solution for any work with rich color compositions, antique prints and vintage themed art as well as watercolors and oil and chalk pastels. Additionally, Milbrook can be used to create stunning combinations in multi-frame projects and is great for making easel backed table frames for photographs. View the collection

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