Introducing the Hampshire Collection

The Hampshire Collection consists of 11 mouldings with distressed painted finishes creating the look of surfaces that have naturally weathered through time. Each painted finish is applied in layers over lightly stained wood to create contrast in the scratches, chips and dents that make up the collections textural complexity. Creating the look of a surface that has experienced generations of use is achieved by applying paint over lightly stained wood producing fine cracks. The paint is then chipped and scratched away to reveal the underlying surface. A glaze is then hand applied on top, giving the paint a naturally antiqued appearance while enhancing the edges of each crack and chip. Hampshire is a great collection that is right in line with the current revival of shabby chic and provincial design in art and interiors, providing framing solutions for folk art, oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, etchings, decorative art, and lithographs. View the collection

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