Chaumes & Collette: Omega presents new Shabby Chic, French Country Mouldings

May 2014

Press Release Photo

Omega Moulding presents the Chaumes and Collette Collections, mouldings with distressed painted panels evoking French-country, ‘shabby chic’, and cottage style design themes. Chaumes is a collection of 3 mouldings with paint brushed over Umbrian olive veneer that has been stained and rubbed to convey the appearance of a vintage piece that shows its heritage. Collette features 5 new mouldings with worn paint finishes in cream, gray, red, green, and black. The paint is applied over lightly stained wood creating fine cracks, and then chipped and scratched away to reveal the underlying surface. Click here to view the Chaumes Collection and here for the Collette Collection