New Classic Mid-Century Modern Mouldings are on the scene with Omega’s Venue Collection

January 2011

Press Release Photo Omega Moulding presents a Mid Century Modern classic with a collection of 10 new mouldings that captures the look of a design era highly sought in today’s interior design market. The Venue collection is clean and architectural, it’s look balanced by a rendered warm walnut grain furniture finish. The contour of the profile is tailored by bright metallic silver and gold along the fine-step detail of the inside and outside edges. Venue is a versatile collection, containing mouldings for floater frames, canvas-depth frames, shadowbox framing, and for customary works on paper. The classic style and shape lends picture framing applications to endless possibilities, whether it be for stacking with any variety of moulding styles in multi-frame projects, framing collage and 3-Dimensional projects, table and gift-frames.