Omega Moulding’s New Curio Collection
is a True Treasure

December 2008

Press Release Photo Omega Moulding presents the Curio Collection, featuring 5 new items that can be stacked and interchanged to create exquisite combinations. Curio is a collection created for smaller sized projects, and incorporates a wealth of craftsmanship in its intricate detail and delicate ornamentation. Profiles 81007 (¾” gold), 81008 (¾” silver), and 81009 (¾” plum), feature an elegant swan sloped back edge and 7/8” rabbet depth and capped with a top panel adorned with a petit-fleur carved pattern. Profiles 81010 (1 1/8”gold) and 81011 (1 1/8”plum) are traditional scoops that have been scaled and finished to complement this jewel of a collection.